PRICING | Our BigNet Website™ Program is All-Inclusive and 100% Performance Based

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Our BigNet Website™ Program is All-Inclusive and 100% Performance Based.

all-inclusive means that we will do ALL the web services necessary to get traffic to your site and convert that traffic into new business for you.

100% performance based means that if we don’t get you results, then you don’t pay us. We ONLY charge for the results - the leads.

Most contractors pay for website design and building, SEO and PPC services.  But does a contractor really  want these services? Or do they want to results that come from these services? And what is the result? For a contractor, the guaranteed result is the sales lead.  

In our BigNet Website™ program, we ONLY charge for the results – the leads.

  • No money up front.
  • No long-term contracts (actually, we don’t have any contract at all).
  • No charge for any changes to your website.

AND, we only charge for leads where our efforts bring in new business opportunities for you. We do not charge if someone has found you through your own efforts (saw your truck on the road, heard a radio ad, had a neighbor recommend you, etc.).

The biggest problem with most PPC service agencies is that they charge you for customers who already knew you and were coming to your site anyway.  In the BigNet program, we don't charge you for this!

Lead Pricing Depends on your Service Type and Market

Roof replacement leads are going to cost more than roof repair leads, which are going to cost more than carpet cleaning leads.

Roofing leads in Houston, TX are going to be more than roofing lead prices in Erie, PA or Boise, ID. It's just the competitive nature of the market.

So we set our prices accordingly. This is one of the things we will discuss during your free consultation.

What Our Clients Think Of Us

BigNet Leadshas done their part to get me the customer. I don't pay a monthly payment for my BigNet Leadsbuilt website, I pay for the leads alone, which I would be paying for some kind of marketing anyway, and I get an awesome looking website (with a building full of experts) as an extra bonus.

-Bill Scott, Roofing Service Specialists

What’s Included (Everything’s Included):

Website Design & Build

Our websites are built for conversion. Every website we bring into our program we improve upon for both traffic and conversion!

Top Search Results

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Local SEO

Mobile Websites

Our sites are built to put the best mobile site in front of your customers. 

Social Media

  • Social Targeted Ads (optional)
  • Our powerful Share It! social tool helps get you talked about!

Display Advertising

  • Content Network Ads
  • Retargeted Ads
  • Search Companion Ads

Reputation Management

StarPower ToolSet™
Includes Star Power Pro, Crew Review, and Feedback Funnel to get you more 5-Star reviews and boost your reputation.

Marketing Support

Our team is trained on the Fish On! Marketing Program™ written by top contractor marketing guru Larry Janesky.

Site Performance and Usage Analytics

Highly visible reporting helps you see what's happening on your website and what's needed to grow your website’s success.

What COMPLETELY Sets us Apart

Conversion Optimization

LiveBuild™ Website technology

The most powerful tool we’ve built and nonexistent anywhere else to the small business / local home service provider. Based on each individual visitor to your website, LiveBuild™ technology creates a unique experience that is proven to improve your website’s conversion of visitors into sales leads.

Aggregated Testing

The rule of thumb for testing is that a website needs 30,000 visitors in a month for a test to resolve.  Our LiveTest™ platform aggregates data across multiple sites, so we can scientifically make improvements to a website.  We don’t guess, and our designers go by the data, not how they “feel”.

Lead Generation

Our website program comes equipped with many marketing and sales tools, but we focus on growing our partner’s businesses. All leads flow through your website so they are exclusive, well educated, and know your brand!

Account Management

Every contractor that comes into our program is assigned an Account Management Team who will work with you to make sure that we are getting what we need from you to make your website a success.

Remember, we don’t get paid unless your website generates leads for you, so you can bet we are going to be all over it! 


Now you can better spend your advertising budget by knowing which of your offline or online ads is performing well and which ones aren’t.

The award-winning software that follows a homeowner from an offline ad through to the visit to your website and phone call. Other methods include unique tracking phone numbers (as does ours) but there methods end when the homeowner visits your website.  MyLeadTracking™ follows them to your website and knows if they filled out your contact form or picked up the phone and called. 

Other Marketing Tools that are Part of the All-Inclusive BigNet Program

PR Pro™

Our online reference tool that ensures that your company’s press-worthy news gets in front of your local media.


Direct where your web-form submissions go on an hour-by-hour schedule, turning your website into your real-time virtual office.

Career Center

Taking help-wanted posting on your website a couple steps further with proven templates and live feeds to major classified outlets.


A website for your sales people to help them generate their own leads and close more sales.

AutoTeller™, Event Manager, OpenSign™ and MORE!

These tools and a dozen other tools will turn your website into a powerhouse.  Our BigNet Website™ program is for contractors who want to dominate their market!