How we work

When you join up for our BigNet program, you are signing up to have your website generate leads for you – effectively turning your site into a Lead Generation Machine!

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1. Convert Website Visits

2. Generate More Leads

3. Produce More Sales

1. We build you a beautiful – and powerful website.

With LiveBuild™ technology, 27 marketing "widgets," and an 80+ person team of web experts, we get you leads! Your website will get more visitors and convert at up to 10X the standard average conversion rate. Your website will be a beast in your market!

  • Marketing Benefits You Get
    • Account Manager to ensure success
    • Star Power Pro Reviews tool
    • Home Show announcer
    • Broadcast messaging
    • Lead-to-text for quicker responses
    • Plus 23 more site enhancing "widgets"

Klaus Larsen LLC Roofing Contractor

2. You get exclusive leads.

These exclusive leads come directly through your website. From people who are educated about you and your services, have read your reviews, seen your photos, and have taken action to sign up or call for an estimate.

With everything these homeowners know about you, you can bet that these leads are extremely high quality as well!!

  • Lead Tracking Like No Other
    • Lead database for all web leads.
    • Leads categorization, including service type and referring source.
    • Phone tracking and call recording.
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3. 100% Performance Guarantee.

We only charge when our services are successful for you. Any work we do on your website, including adding new content or additional pages, plus all the search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and site conversion optimization, is all 100% guaranteed to work or you don't pay! We only charge you for the guaranteed results which are the sales leads.

Ask your current agency if they are willing to:

  1. Only charge you for new leads.
  2. Do all the work to your website for free.
  3. Spend their money on PPC.
  4. Not have you sign a contract.

If they aren't, give us a call.

  • Our Guarantee
    • No setup fees.
    • No hidden fees.
    • No PPC cost.
    • No monthly retainer.
    • No cost to make changes to your site (we actually encourage it!)

What Sets Us Apart?

With over 10 years of experience generating thousands of leads for contracting companies just like yours, our team of pros has the expertise to help you grow your business. We offer an effective, transparent web program you won't find anywhere else.

  • What you pay for:

    Leads we generate from organic/natural search results
    For example, if someone searches for "roofing contractor boston" and clicks through to your website, this is a generic organic search.

    Leads we generate from pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
    If someone clicks an ad for a generic, or non-branded, search term, we charge for this. You can also opt in to receive discounted branded PPC leads as well.

    Leads we generate from any other online advertising or marketing
    We do lots of link acquisition and local SEO to increase traffic to your website. We will also elect to purchase ad space on high traffic sites to generate more traffic to your website.

  • What you DONT pay for:

    Direct traffic that you generate
    If someone knows your company and types your domain name into the address bar in their browser, you don't pay for this. For example: If someone types into the address bar and comes directly to your site, this is a lead you generated through promoting your web address, and you will not be charged for this lead.

    Brand awareness
    For all non-advertising traffic (excluding PPC) we charge, or don't charge, based on what the customer tells us drove them to contact you. If they say, "television" or "I saw your truck" on the phone, we don't charge. We also ask everyone who fills out your Contact Form how they came to your website, and then charge, or not, accordingly.

    Leads generated by other online marketing efforts
    If you are paying for links on other sites such as,, etc., you will not be charged for leads that originate from these sites (you will just need to tell us where you have links to your site and we can filter out this traffic).

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We will assess your current internet presence, and determine the best methods of increasing your current online lead generation.

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Get a Free Lead Generation Consultation