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  • Why is it better to pay for leads?

    We love this question!  It drives our competitors crazy that they aren’t equipped to offer this. 

    1. You’re paying for the guaranteed results of site building, SEO, and PPC services rather than paying for the services. A contractor doesn’t really want the service, they want the result.
    2. For a flat fee you get the same thing every time you pay the fee.  Our lead-based model incentivizes us to continually grow your leads, and thus your business grows.
    3. In a fee-based model the contractor assumes all the risk.  In our lead-based model we assume all the risk.

  • What is the price per lead?

    Price varies based on the services you offer and the market you are in.  Smaller ticket items will cost less per lead than larger ticket items - it’s the nature of the market.  One important factor though is that you only pay for the leads where we generate the visitor to the site, and don’t charge when you do (see Do I pay for all leads, even ones where people are looking for me?).

  • Do I pay for all leads, even ones where people are looking for me?

    No. We determine which leads you received from visitors driven to your website from our efforts and which leads came from your efforts - such as from your other advertising, referrals, and previous customers. This means that you won't always be charged for a lead that comes through our website. The stronger your brand, and the more you advertise offline, the more "no-charge" leads you will receive.

  • What's a widget?

    Widgets are web tools hooked up to your website. Some Widgets help you easily add content to your website. Other Widgets help you better market yourself online. Whether you are looking to add a new photo gallery or find the statistics of cities in your service area, Widgets are there to help you get started in just a few easy clicks.

  • What does "LiveBuild™" mean?

    LiveBuild™ means that your website builds itself on-the-fly (or Live Builds) for each user who visits.  LiveBuild™ technology looks at the IP address (physical location of a computer) and the keyword typed into a search engine (when available), and then loads content onto your web page that reflects both of these criteria.
    Example: You’re a roofing and siding contractor in Dallas TX.  A person is on their computer in Dallas and googles “roofing contractor,” clicks an ad and lands on your home page.  The Widget (see What’s a Widget) content on your website (photos, videos, home shows, testimonials, etc.) would then switch to the content closest to, or in, Dallas and would be specific to roofing, rather than siding.

  • Really? I'm only charged for leads, no other hidden costs?

    Really! Even with all the services and benefits provided in our program, you will still only be charged for leads.

  • How much work do I need to do with the Widgets?

    While you don't have to go overboard, it is important to be consistent. You might spend more time initially as you get started, but a couple hours per week would be plenty to remain consistent. If that's too much, then you probably aren't committed enough to your marketing.