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Tools for Contractor Growth: Hiring, Referrals, Reviews & More

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

A BigNet Leads website is like a multi-tasking “As Seen on TV” gadget. The BigNet Leads program for contractors comes with a full toolbox of web-based tools that make it easy to keep your website updated with photos, reviews, and blog posts. But with over 14 tools, there are many that are useful with your business's marketing efforts - from recruiting new hires, participating and supporting community organizations, gathering and publishing reviews, and developing meaningful professional endorsements.

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First, Lead Generation for Contractors

If you’re a home improvement contractor, online marketing is an ongoing challenge. BigNet Leads creates rich, mobile-friendly, seo-optimized websites for home improvement contractors, from fence and deck businesses to remodeling and roofing companies.  That’s what we do. A BigNet Leads site is primarily designed to generate leads

But Wait! There's more to BigNet Leads

Here are just four other important ways that the BigNet Leads marketing platform and its tools can help you run and market your home improvement business.

1. Human Resources Tools

If you google "labor shortage in the trades," or any similar search, you'll see that a growing challenge for contractors in the U.S. is finding qualified workers in the home improvement industry. This is true across all functions, from skilled tradespeople to customer service and sales. Contractors in the BigNet Leads program get two tools – free – to help them promote job openings and manage applications.

The Career Center widget: The Contractor's Ideal Job Posting Tool

  • Lets you quickly and easily write and post new job openings, guided by a series of prompts.
  • Every job description gets posted automatically on, for free.
  • All the applications you receive are stored in one convenient place.

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The HigherHire tool: Easily Create a Recruiting Website for Your Contracting Business

The HigherHire tool gives your company better visibility in the job market. Answer a series of prompts, add testimonials from employees, post a video and the result is a recruiting microsite that shows your company off. After all, your website is directed to customers, not potential employees. With this tool, you get to put your company’s best foot forward as an employer and improve your competitiveness among applicants.

With all our content tools, you can easily share and promote your new recruitment page and job openings on your social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  

2. Tools to Promote Community Involvement

Does your contracting business support specific charitable causes or organizations in the community in which you serve? Promoting that cause is an important marketing activity.

Benefits to Contractors

There are many marketing benefits to participating in community events and causes, without detracting from your sincere support of them:

  • You earn brand name awareness
  • Your participation will resonate with consumers who support local providers
  • Because local community events are local, there is an SEO benefit to sharing your involvement through the many tools described above
  • Your blog posts, press releases, and social media posts help to spread the word about good local causes worthy of support.

BigNet Leads offers several tools to help contractors sprinkle their website with news of their participation in local charities and civic organizations. 

How Contractors Can Showcase Community Involvement:

  • Write posts throughout the year about your involvement with charitable fund drive or other events using the Youblog tool.
  • Upload logos of community organizations you belong to or support and write a brief description, using the Credibility Badge Showcase tool.
  • Notify the media of your community sponsorships or new partnerships using the PR Pro tool. 
  • Leverage your participation or sponsorship of events that have a date and time with the event tool.

3. Review and Referral Tools

To help you post reviews on your site, the BigNet Leads program includes our home-grown Star Power Pro widget. This review and feedback tool is designed so that you could actually ask for feedback from every customer after every job. When reviews are published to your website, they are geo-targeted, so relevant reviews appear on the relevant city pages on your site. 

You can also suggest that customers share their feedback on popular review sites. For gathering reviews on third-party sites, our Crew Review is an effective way to gather reviews when a job is complete.

The Value of Feedback: There are proven benefits to asking "How'd we do?" Even when you have a customer that has complaints, asking for feedback shows you care and gives customers a chance to vent (and you to respond, clarify or even address any issues). You gain additional trust from your customer base and trust is an essential element of any successful contracting business.


Get 4 Powerful Tools Free with a BigNet Leads Website - Image 3

By getting feedback, you gain insights into how your customers feel; this feedback is crucial to managing and growing a successful fence, deck or remodeling business. You want to know sooner rather than later if there is a consistent complaint that is relatively easy to fix or a more serious concern that needs addressing.

Build Referrals: In addition, this review/feedback tool has proven to be an excellent way to grow your referral leads. Our surveys have shown that the Star Power Pro widget can even generate new leads when you communicate additional or add-on services. 

If you want to build a more formal referral program, the BigNet Leads program offers another referral tool that has proven effective with our network of contractors. This tool makes it easy to build a custom page on your site with your referral offer and any other details of the program.

More on the blog: 4 Steps to an Effective Referral Program.

Reputation Management: Finally, BigNet Leads contractors can review, analyze and manage their reputation across major review channels with the My Reputation widget. This tool can help you decide which channels to target to round out your review profile online. It's important to know the terms and conditions on each review channel.

More on the blog: Yelp's "No Review Solicitation" policy.

4. Professional Networking Tools

You may be interested in building your professional network beyond your contractor friends and acquaintances. Professional referrals and endorsements are powerful, given how much homeowners trust them. How to go about it? The first step is to identify potential professionals you could reach out to and then develop a list of names in your service area. 

For many contractors, home inspectors are a great group to coordinate with: they are a resource that can continually refer new customers your way.

For others, it may be useful to develop relationships with realtors or a non-competing type of contractor. Review past referrals and professionals you often refer your customers to. 

The next step would be to develop a program, event, outreach or even email series that you can use consistently and regularly (four times a year, for example) to keep your professional contacts aware of your business. The same widgets that help our contractors write content for their website also help them develop their professional relationships in the communities they serve. 

Here's one scenario from among many examples of contractors in the BigNet Leads program who use our content tools to reach out to professional contacts (tools underlined):

  • Schedule a presentation of your services at your office, using the Event Manager widget.
  • With other tools, write a Technical Paper that is of interest to more technical professionals, and/or a Case Study of your work. For example, a job involving a historic restoration, or the effects of weather in the local region, or a job on a well-known town building, park or another landmark.
  • Then, with the PR Pro tool, email your contact list of Inspectors (or other professional contacts) to share this content and invite them to the event.

Ready for a Multi-Tasking Website for Your Business?

A BigNet Leads website works double, triple, quadruple-time around the clock on behalf of our contractors. Generating leads while also providing tools to help with all facets of their business. Ready to enjoy the benefits?


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