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Tips for Creating Goals for Your Contracting Business in 2019

Get your pad and pens out because it is time to start writing down your goals for your contracting business in the new year! It’s hard to believe 2019 is right around the corner.

Not a Goal Maker? 

Are you too busy to set goals? Or does it seem like it’s a pointless exercise? Think about this: Do you go to the grocery store and grab groceries for the week without a list? Or go on vacation and not know which airline your taking? With any big undertaking (like running or marketing a business), there is a goal and a plan.

Setting goals is your first step to a plan for your contracting business.

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Setting Goals is Important to Becoming a Winning Contractor 

The founder of BigNet Leads and many other successful companies in the contracting field, Larry Janesky has written about his own 7 Qualities of a Winner. Setting goals is a crucial step:

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. We Become what we think about, control your thoughts
  3. Have a clear vision of where you’re going, set goals
  4. Be positive- Strive to maintain a positive attitude
  5. Take action NOW! Have a sense of urgency
  6. Work hard – Be Discipline and have integrity
  7. Be nice to people

How to Get Started Forming Goals for Your Contracting Business

Start the process of developing goals for your deck, fence, tree or remodeling business by asking questions and taking lots of notes.

Get your favorite tools out – whether a pad of paper, journal, notebook, or white board. Work alone or with a teammate. Print out any analyses or reports you think might be useful.

Questions to ask yourself when writing your business goals for 2019:

1. What happened this year?

Evaluate the past year. Did it meet the goals you set for your business? Where did things fall short? What could be improved in your offline marketing, online marketing, customer service? What were your best sources of leads? What kind of growth would you like to see for your company?

2. Is there something on the back burner? Want to focus on something specific in 2019?

Want to improve your reputation? Get more referrals? Get more people to your site? Do more home shows? Expand your local service territory? Offer additional services?

Drill down on your marketing materials. Are your online viewers able to see before and after photos? Can they leave a review? Do you have videos? Do you advertise on radio or television?

3. Write a Draft of the Goals

Your business goals should be:

Reasonable and realistic: Try to make your goals specific and concrete. Goals that you can measure and track are more likely to be achieved.

Shared and communicated: Sit down with your team to discuss and refine the goals.. Make a flow chart and decide what is going to take to get to where you want it to go.

4. Review the Goals and Add An Actionable Plan

Do your goals make sense for your business? What’s needed to achieve them?

In order to reach your goals, you need a specific plan and budget.

Brainstorm ways to make the goals achievable. Develop specific steps you can take.

In order to develop a plan, you need to answer more questions:

Audit current processes and systems. What additional processes do you need in terms of people or resources, to meet your goals? Do you need to hire? Outsource? Develop new contacts? Learn new skills?

Make sure you can track and monitor key milestones. How will you measure your progress toward your goals? Are there tools to catch up on to keep your policies in place? What resources do you need to make sure you say on track with them throughout the year?

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Don’t waste any time going into the new year, make BigNet Leads your partner!

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