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How a Tree Service Company Grew its Business with BigNet Leads

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

We sat down with Weise Choice Tree Service, a company that had big dreams for growth before joining the BigNet Leads program.They were attracted to our low-risk pay-per-lead model, but blown away by the full range of tools and options available in the program. Working closely with their Account Manager, they took full advantage of every offering to increase reviews, credibility, and community presence, both online and offline. We're happy to report on the results.

Q&A with Weise Choice Tree Service

Q. How has the BigNet Leads program benefited your company?

BigNet Leads is much more than an advertising company.  You are our business advisers. This program is has offered us more than any other group we’ve worked. It’s such a unique experience. There are tons of opportunities given to us and it has provided us the capability to grow so fast, benefiting from your knowledge and experience. These qualities create trust.  It’s hard to put it into words.

Specifically, we’ve benefited from the ability to grow our leads which feed into sales which feed into higher confidence on our part. Emotionally, you are the parents that are rooting for us!

Q. What is something new that you implemented after joining the program?

We were not trying to get reviews until we joined the program. We were asking for reviews on Angie’s List but no one saw them unless they had an account. Now we can post reviews right on our website. We understand how important they are and the ability to easily get a review is HUGE! The stars make potential customers feel happy and confident.

Contractor Spotlight - Tree Service Contractor Marketing

Weise Choice Tree Service found the BigNet Leads program crucial to making their dreams come true.

Q. Were you nervous about joining since your services are a bit out of the norm for a contracting business?

There was no nervousness – only excitement. We felt like we had come upon something that would give us an edge, including an advertising edge in our service area. The only thing that made us nervous was if our services weren't right for the program!  We were the first tree service in BigNet Leads, but your skill set and experienced team members made it happen.

We had never been offered a Pay-Per-Lead approach to lead generation before. We only pay BigNet Leads if the program brings us business. We didn’t have to pay for the creation of the website and it was additionally search-engine optimized! We were also not allowed to alter any content to our website before, which stunk.  Now we have tons of tools and feel in control.  Our brains are now on hyperdrive ever since joining! 

Q. Are there any specific content widgets/tools in the BigNet Leads platform that have been most helpful?

We posted a summary using the Case Study widget with photographs on Arbor Day to promote this community project. That helped us think of additional community events and activities. Thinking big picture, we applied for awards in our area and were recognized in the 2016 Connecticut Magazine and were named in the "40 Under 40" list. Our Account Manager helped create and send a press release out to all local media outlets.

Q. Do you have any words for newer contractors in the program?

Follow your Account Manager’s advice and make time! Get ready to edit your dreams because you’re not going to be dreaming big enough. The definition of dreaming is totally not reality based – but BigNet Leads will make your dreams a reality. They give you the opportunity to grow bigger than you ever imagined.

We can’t say enough about the opportunities given by BigNet Leads. We are 100% satisfied by the program and always refer other contractors to the program. We know it’s worked for us and we want people to have the same experience.

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