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Contractor Lead Generation is Also About Conversion Rate

Monday, June 11th, 2018 by Richard Fencil

To turn your website into a true Lead Generation Machine, you need more visitors and to convert an increasing number of those visitors into new leads.  It’s simple in theory, as there are only two things that make a website generate more and more leads over time:

    1. Bring in more visitors.
    2. Convince (convert) those visitors to request a sales appointment/price quote.

Any company can get you more visitors.  Just pay them to run your Google AdWords advertising and you’ll get more traffic.  Pay more, and you will get more traffic (generally speaking).

website traffic you need to convert for your home improvement business

You can always increase traffic to your website, but can you increase the number of visitors who call you for a quote?

You will also get some leads. How many leads depends on how well your website convinces, or converts, those visitors into taking the action of contacting you for a price quote.  This is referred to as a website’s Conversion Rate and is displayed as a percentage.

Here’s the Conversion Rate formula:

Website Conversion Formula


For example, if your website had 422 visitors in one month and you got 11 leads, your conversion rate would be 2.6%. 

This is a  very typical traffic and conversion-rate scenario for contractors doing about $1-$2 million in sales annually.

11 leads ÷ 422 website visitors = 2.6% conversion rate

The challenge is that buying traffic is expensive. 

And the more traffic you need, the more expensive it gets.  Both as an overall cost and on a per lead basis.

Think of it like this.  If you only need a small number of leads to run your business, between networking and referrals you may get all the leads you need.  But if you need more leads than you can get from these sources, then you will have to start buying advertising, which increases your overall cost - and your price per lead will increase as well.  Need even more leads, and you have to turn to more expensive types of advertising like TV -- and again, both costs increase. 

But what if you could increase your leads
and spend fewer overall dollars--
without increasing your price per lead?

Improving your website's conversion rate does just this.  If you had a 7.2% conversion rate (the average rate across all contractor websites in the Big Net Leads program) with the same 422 visitors in the example above, you would get a whopping 30 leads versus the 11 leads at the lower conversion rate.

The benefit to our customers is that as we don’t charge for leads that come from your other advertising, networking or referrals, the return on your investment for those leads improves, thus costing you less to acquire even more leads than you have been getting.

It’s a win/win: We can keep our cost per lead even as we grow your leads.  You benefit from more leads from all your other sources.

How to improve your conversion rate

Conversion rate optimization is the practice of making changes to a website that increase the number of times a visitor takes a specific action. In this case, picking up the phone and calling you or filling out a contact form.

To do this requires testing.

To test requires a testing platform.  In the Big Net Leads program, we’ve built our own testing software. Larger agencies can lease phone tracking software and website testing software to run tests for their customers.  But most don’t test, because it’s relatively expensive to the small contractor or small-ish agency.

We test because it makes sense for us.  The contractor with a Big Net Leads website benefits because their website improves, and they don’t have to pay for the testing.  When we created our performance-based lead generation program, we did so understanding that it completely aligns us with our clients. Thus conversion optimization through testing is something we must do to be successful. 

To not focus on conversion, but only keep trying to increase traffic becomes a costly game.  To turn your website into a true Lead Generation Machine, you need more traffic and to convert that traffic at higher rates.


Richard Fencil is a digital marketing expert, specializing in the home improvement market. He has been with Contractor Nation since 2003.  Contact us today to become a Big Net Leads client and start generating leads for your home repair contracting business.

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