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Why Every Home Improvement Contractor Should Have a Decent Facebook Page

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 by Jonathan Taylor

As a home improvement services contractor – whether your company offers roofing, remodeling, decking or HVAC repair – you should have a Facebook page. Not a personal page, but a business page. If you have one and have neglected it or have simply been too busy to pursue social media as a business strategy for your contracting business, read on!

Why Facebook? Why Now?

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Facebook has grown since Mark Zuckerberg first launched the site in 2004 to connect college students online. Today, it's a significant networking site connecting neighbors and communities, and especially useful for families and homeowners sharing local news, tips and information.

  • Collectively, Facebook and its colleagues - Instagram & Messenger - have 3.9 billion monthly users, all of whom are exposed to advertising towards specific interests, behaviors, economic makeup, and overall need. Facebook alone has 1.3 billion daily users.
  • Facebook's targeting capabilities allow companies to effectively reach audiences who "resemble" past purchasers, giving companies the ability to find new audience segments that may be unaware of a needed service.
  • Facebook is an important source of consumer reviews, just behind Yelp and Google. 80% of Facebook users said they would be more likely to purchase a product or service if they saw positive Facebook reviews on a business page.
  •  Users spend 35 minutes on Facebook every day. One out of every five page views online in the U.S. is on Facebook. Think of the billions of pages viewed across thousands of websites - 20% of them happen in one place. If your business is not part of the advertising pool on this network, you are missing the opportunity to reach brand new interested audiences.

Take the First Step: Audit Your Facebook Page

1. Examine your page's creative assets -

Review everything, from your logo to your cover photo to the images used in your posts. Are they consistent? Are they sized correctly?

Images are a user's first sight upon visiting your Facebook page. Besides overall branding consistency, make sure everything is an accurate reflection of your business.

2. Have you set up Business Manager?

If so, are you set up correctly?

Business Manager provides businesses with complete control over pages from top-to-bottom. For more on setting up Business Manager, speak with your Account Manager.

Displaying the same name, address, and phone # on Facebook that's on other sites (Yelp, Google) can boost your search ranking.

3.How about "About"?

Is the About section of your page accurate and filled out as completely as possible?

This helps Facebook understand your business and shows it to more qualified, interested users on an organic level.

Second Step: Find Out What Works

If you have been posting on your page, look at your Page Insights to view your post level data (reach, impressions, reactions, comments, shares, etc.) and answer these questions:

  • What types of posts and post content have performed the best in terms of social engagements like reactions, comments, and shares?
  • In terms of reach, when is your audience online the most? What post times and days have worked best based on your insights?
  • What are your competitors doing on Facebook that seems to work? What subjects/content are they missing? How can you capitalize on that?

Next Step: Facebook Advertising

If you're interested in advertising on Facebook, it's important to understand your specific business goals, define clear campaign goals and leverage all the options that Facebook offers. Facebook ad campaigns can be especially useful for recruiting employees, retargeting visitors to your website and finding lookalike audiences similar to your customer base.

If you're a member of BigNet Leads, reach out to your Account Manager to learn more. If you're not, contact us today to receive a free consultation and find out more about our program!

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