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4 Steps of an Effective Referral Program for Contractors

Friday, July 28th, 2017

Refer a Friend

Referrals are the lifeblood of the Contracting Business. Across the networks that we’ve worked with over the years, we’ve noticed consistent themes in contracting businesses that are successful. One of them is referrals.

Why Contractors Need and Love Referrals

Referral customers are the most motivated buyers because their friend recommended you, they know you from a Chamber of Commerce event, another contractor recommended you, etc. As a result, they convert at a higher rate. Not only are referrals highly motivated, they are also less expensive to you as a lead source. This means the money a referral saves you is money you can put into a higher cost marketing source to grab as many leads in your area as you can – which will help your business grow!

How Do I Start Getting Referrals?

Setting up an official referral program can help you increase the number of leads your business generates from referrals. Follow these 4 steps to create an effective referral program:

1. Give it a catchy name and design an incentive.

If you’re already in the BigNet Leads network, our “Give to Get” widget makes it easy to offer your customers, professional contacts, and your staff an incentive for making a referral. It takes some time and thought to refer a company - an incentive can make all the difference!

2. Set up a referral page on your website.

The Broadcast and Direct your customers to this page for more information on the referral process (and incentive). If you're a member of the BigNet Leads program, this is easy to do with the help of your Account Manager, and our Broadcast widget lets you advertise your referral bonus on every page of your website!

3. Use your signature.

Add a link to your referral page in your email signature and encourage all employees to do the same. Add it as well as to your stationery, invoices… you name it.

4. Tell ALL your employees about the referral program.

Success comes from the top down. Make it clear why it’s important to the company, why it should be important to them, and incentivize them for each true referral they bring you. Present an annual award for the most referrals brought in by an employee to show that you, as an owner, place high value on this activity.

How BigNet Leads Helps Contractors Get Referrals

The BigNet Lead platform makes it easy for home improvement businesses to expand their referral leads with easy-to-use online tools (“widgets”), a proven referral program and a dedicated Account Manager. But it takes leadership to make it happen.

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