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What's the Perfect Digital Marketing Solution for Contractors?

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 by Jonathan Custardo

A simple Google search for ‘digital marketing agency’ yields 8.2 million results.


What do all those agencies do? If you're a deck replacement company, a tree services business or you install fencing or siding, how do you find one that's the perfect match for your contracting business?

The Typical Digital Marketing Agency

A typical agency takes on clients of all types, specializing in several industries, and is charged with a wide variety of business goals. The result is that a typical agency is often a “jack of all trades and a master of none”.

A typical agency charges on a fee-for-service model.

How BigNet Leads is Different

At BigNet Leads, we specialize in lead generation for home improvement contractors only.  We were developed by contractors for contractors.

BigNet Leads Marketing Team

But that's not all. BigNet is different from a typical digital marketing agency in many other ways:

Google Analytics Qualitified Individual logoLarge Enough for Deep Specialization:

With a staff of over 70 industry experts that specialize in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), local listings, landing-page creation, content writing, web development, graphics and video production, content writing and link building, we do it all. At a small agency, a single employee often has to wear multiple hats and take on a variety of these roles.

Industry Specific Insights:

Because we only work with home improvement contractors, we can leverage data from hundreds of websites we’ve developed and literally thousands of PPC campaigns for contractors that we’ve optimized and run. We know the contracting world inside and out.

Unique Business Model:

We bill only for a new lead opportunity that can be attributed to our SEO or PPC efforts. Our contractors put their trust in us based on our transparency in what constitutes a “result”.

Google Adwords Qualified Professional For PPC advertising, a typical agency will bill you for the total ad spend plus a management fee, regardless of results. Since we are performance-based, we are motivated to focus on new opportunities that drive leads for your business. If you don’t succeed, then neither do we.


We use our own internally developed dashboards and tools as well as partnering with leading software and service providers that are often beyond the reach of local companies and small agencies. In addition, we’ve hosted and spoken at digital marketing seminars and have great working relationships with many experts in the field.

Google SEO Qualified Professional Always On Top:

Our PPC & SEO experts stay on top of their niche fields. Most are certified in Google Adwords, Bing, and some of the major software tools. At our weekly performance sessions, we share lessons learned, dig deep into the details and brainstorm strategies to get our contractors at the top of the search page or the map pack.


As a Google Partner, we work closely with Google's Ad team to optimize search advertising for each contractor's websitePartnership with Google:

We’re proud of our partnership with Google. Through our Google Account Manager and ad team, we know that they appreciate our unique focus and model and are invested in helping us succeed in making you succeed! It’s a productive, successful model.

A smaller agency may not have the resources or budget to help a small or even medium-sized contractor to this extent.

We are more than a typical digital marketing agency among the millions – we are a contractor-focused, client-first marketing partner.  Ultimately, our team works together to help grow your business and make you the leaders in your market.

Think we might be your perfect match? If you're not already in the BigNet Leads Generation Program, contact us to learn more!

Simply contact us or call us at 1-888-861-9840.



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