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For Contractors: 10 Habits of a Successful Salesperson

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

The following 10 habits were penned by Vin Orsini, a top salesperson at Connecticut Basement Systems, a company in the Contractor Nation network, which is also the umbrella organization of BigNet Leads.

Asked to share insights into his success at a convention of basement waterproofing contractors, he delivered the following ten habits.

NOT JUST FOR SALES: These 10 habits are timeless and apply across all functions, from production to marketing, and no matter the size of your company or the type of home improvement service you provide.

The theme of the convention was "INSPIRE." We hope they inspire you.


For All Contractors 10 Habits of a Successful Salesperson - Image 1

1. Be Disciplined 

I work hard every day regardless of the situation or task at hand. I must flawlessly follow our proven process every time – even when I don’t feel like it or it may not seem worth the effort. My Success depends on taking action now.

2. Pay Attention to Detail 

I must be very detailed in every aspect of my job. Customer facing or not, others will notice this and it will separate you from the rest.

3. Get Organized 

Organization helps me stay prepared and ready every minute of the day. It helps me to follow up with my customers, it allows me to stay on top of my jobs that are being installed and helps me to see the outcome of my jobs that have been completed. This helps prevent customer service issues and can also lead to future referrals and up-sells.

4. Keep Learning 

You can’t win if you don’t know how. I spend every day learning something new. It may be something about my company, our process, our products, and services, or any other topic that I feel will empower me to be an expert in my field.

5. Practice

Practice makes perfect. I make it a habit of doing the things that are the hardest to do, that most others are not willing to do, and I do them over and over again. This way when difficult situations arise, and they will, they seem less challenging to overcome.

6. Don’t be Afraid to Fail

I understand that failure is a natural part of success. It is a part of our learning process in our professional and our personal lives. There can be no success without some failure. Failure can help you become better. I analyze failures that can be identified daily so that I can evaluate my mistakes and I can then apply what I have learned so that it won’t happen again.

7. Set Goals

I set many goals for myself. In my professional life, I set a yearly goal, a monthly goal, and daily goals. A goal can sometimes seem like a moving target. I have learned not to be afraid to adjust my goals based on what I’ve been able to achieve. I feel that it is very important to set ambitious goals but not so ambitious where I will not likely to achieve them. Be realistic but always challenge yourself.

8. Set High Standards

I set very high standards for myself that I am going to work and live by every day. I hold to these standards and I do not compromise them no matter what the situation. DO not let others compromise your standards.

9. Manage your time

Even though I may only have one lead on a given day or maybe no leads at all, I still start my “workday.” Just because we spend most of our day on the road in front of customers doesn’t mean that we don’t have to work a normal schedule. The time that I spend with a customer on a lead is only a small part of a much larger job. Don’t forget to go to work every day.

10. Be Humble 

I wish I could say that I knew it all, but I don’t. I am human just like everyone else. I make mistakes all of the time and there are plenty of things I don’t know. I am not afraid to admit that I can be better. I frequently ask for help. That said, there are many in my company that help and support me daily. Without this great support team, it could prove very challenging for me to achieve my goals. If all our team members are successful, then all our jobs are made even easier.


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