Web Services We Provide

We provide the following services as part of our lead generation program. Every website we build comes with guaranteed results, as we only charge when we get you new sales leads, not by the services we provide – rest assured, we’re experts at the services below!

  • Contractor PPC (pay-per-click) advertising; aka SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
    PPC can be a risky venture. Agencies start their phone calls with, “We can get you to the top of Google,” or “We’re a Google partner.” The truth is that we’re all Google partners and we can all pretty much spend our way to the top, but at what and who’s cost? Who’s taking all the risk in these ventures? You are. Advertising on the search engines is a great way to bring visitors to your site, but it’s just as important to convert this traffic into sales leads. In our Supercharged program, we spend our money on the PPC and then only charge you when we convert the sales lead.

  • Contractor SEO (search engine optimization)
    Like PPC, SEO is expensive and risky. brings in visitors that we then work to convert into sales leads. SEO has become a performance metric, and not many agencies understand this. I also haven’t run into any that will guarantee their SEO efforts.

  • Social Media for Home Improvement Contractors
    Social media can be an effective lead-generation tool if used the right way. We’ve built our system to interact with your customers and encourage them to share their experience with your company on their favorite social media platform. We also offer social advertising opportunities to get you new business.

  • Online display ads and re-targeting
    Our historical data and knowledge of the specialty contracting indistry, improve the effectiveness of our display advertising. This is a great outbound addition to search engine marketing.

  • Local Search and Local Listings
    Local search typically refers to your Google Places listing. There’s also Yahoo and Bing Local, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Superpages, and many other local directories that we optimize for you.

  • Conversion Optimization
    We work on better click-through rates from the search engines, messaging and site usability to get more of your visitors to take action. We have built our own testing platform to help with understanding conversion and can test across many sites at the same time, making our results far more accurate than testing on a single website. In most cases, an individual contractor’s website doesn’t get enough traffic for a test to resolve. So being part of a network, such as Contractor Nation's BigNet program offers vast intelligence.

  • Content Marketing
    The content you need across your online presence and website is the content that your potential customers need to see to make a hiring decision. This includes photos, testimonials, reviews, videos, and more. Our CMS (content management system) with built-in marketing tools is built to help provide this content.

  • Customer reviews
    Our tools help you get reviews not only on your website, but also on Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Bing, and other places where people may check the reputation of your company. A combination of our online marketing program and our CMS, helps make this easy for you.

  • Web Design for Contractors
    Of course we do this. And we don't charge for the initial setup or any changes to the website. The site building itself is just part of the program.

There are lots of other things we do, but mainly, the above list includes the services that you probably get solicited for more often than others. The BigNet program requires that we put our money where our mouths are. We gladly accept the challenge, and the 500-plus home improvement contractors that have been in our program (many since it’s inception in 2006) are living proof.