SEO for Contractors

Getting your contracting website to rank well on the search engines

Contractor SEO (short for search engine optimization) is a little different than SEO for a shopping site or other website that does not need to focus on generating sales leads. SEO for a contractor’s website needs to be very local, down to each zip code that the contractor works in.

The trick is getting your website top rank for all the keyword variations of the services you offer (roofing, roofer, roof repair, roof installed, roof installation, re-roofing, new roof, and each and every town that you work in.

This is how people search now. They search for: “roofing contractor in Atlanta,” or “roof installers in Miami, FL,” or “Roof repair company in [insert tiny town].”

Does your website have the chops to rank for all this? Or does your site rank for your hometown and that’s about it. Or has your online marketing company convinced you that SEO for contractors is difficult and takes a long time, and that all you need is SEM / PPC?

Having to rank for all these towns and cities and services is great news! This is where you can compete with the national franchises, giant lead aggregation sites (like Home Advisor), and massive localized directories like the BBB.

SEO is Part of a Complete Web Marketing Solution

SEO is important, but it's only one part of a web marketing solution. Combining SEO with all your other advertising is important as people search and arrive at websites in a multitude of ways.

It's never: search, visit, convert. It's search, see offline ad, search, convert. Or see decaled truck, visit site, search for other contractors, click search result, convert.

Of course, paying for search is much more costly if you're not optimizing your website for converting visitors into leads. This is why Contractor Nation only offers the Supercharged Website Program for Contractors – a complete turnkey solution to a contractors online marketing.

Contractor Nation has helped more than 400 contractors with their local SEO, making them the best optimized local contracting company in their market.

We only take the best local contractors in each market, so if you’re looking for a company that specializes in contractor SEO and you want to dominate your market, give us a call today.

In many markets we still have openings for roofers, fencing companies, mold remediation and removal companies, gutter contractors. There’s also some availability for HVAC contractors and replacement window companies. We only work with specialty contractors, not general contracting.