PPC for Contractors with Guaranteed Results

Website optimization and a sophisticated pay-per-click bidding platform are must-have features to successful PPC

Benefits of Contractor Nation PPC Campaign Management

  1. Website and landing page optimization are part of the program.
  2. The world’s most sophisticated bidding platform.
  3. Guaranteed leads from PPC, or you don’t pay!

PPC (pay per click) or SEM (search engine marketing) can be risky. These two acronyms are usually interchangeable in the market.

Most home improvement contractors are on their own to advertise their services and typically this means they need to rely on agencies to handle their online advertising. Hiring the right SEM company is crucial to your online advertising success.

What to look for:

The Benefits of Being Part of a Contractor Network

Being a part of Contractor Nation, your specialty contracting business will reap the rewards of having your PPC campaign managed on the Marin bidding and optimization platform. This is the same SEM bidding software that Virgin Atlantic, SalesForce.com, Gap, Hotels.com, Consumer Reports, Bloomingdales, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, and many other large brands use.

You will also gain the advantage of our proprietary website optimization testing platform. Our testing software is built into our CMS (the Content Management Software that our Contractor Nation clients run on) and enables us to test across numerous sites at the same time, giving us the volume necessary to resolve testing scenarios. We know of no other PPC agency (or web agency in general) that has the capacity to do this for their contractor clients.

Join the Nation

If you’re fed up with lackluster, or just poor results, contact us to learn more about our turnkey website marketing program. Remember, PPC is only one part of a comprehensive online strategy. Website optimization is a necessary component to SEM, but so is SEO, social media, local search, and many other aspects of online marketing.

Contractor Nation still has openings in many markets for roofers, bath re-fitters, gutter companies, fencing contractors, mold remediators, replacement window companies, siding, and bath refitting contractors. We also have limited availability for heating and cooling contractors. We work specifically with specialty home services contractors.