BigNet Websites for Contractors

What is the BigNet Program?

In short, when you sign up for our BigNet program, you are signing up to have your website get you leads – effectively turning your site into a Lead Generation Machine!

These leads will be exclusive, as they come directly through your website. They will also come directly from people who have seen your website, who are educated about you and your services, and who are ready to sign up for an estimate with your company.

Any work we do on your website and online presence, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media, and site conversion optimization, is all 100% guaranteed to bring you leads – or you don’t pay!

A well-marketed contractor's leads should be 33% referrals, 33% internet, and 33% from other advertising. If you're spending less on advertising, then 50-80% of your leads should come from the web. If your numbers don't look like this, you're missing out!

Some of the things we’ll do:

  • Plug site into our powerful Content Management System built specifically for contractors.
  • Improve site conversion.
  • Manage your PPC (paid ads on Google, Yahoo, Bing).
  • Optimize for search engines (SEO).
  • Securely host your website.
  • Help you generate 5-star customer reviews.

What Our Clients Think Of Us

My biggest concern was thinking this is just another scam that's probably not going to work and is this just going to be a big waste of my time. My concerns are put to shame and it has certainly not been a waste of my time. Not only is my work to find good leads gotten a lot easier but I've also gotten a great looking AND informative website. I love it.
-Klaus Larsen, Klaus Larsen Roofing

The net result for us is simply this. We have increased our rankings, increased the amount of traffic on the site, increased the amount of leads we receive, and ultimately we have increased the amount of volume sold thru the web based leads.
-Dave Grant, All Good Home Improvements

What do our contractor websites cost?

We use a performance-based pricing model and only charge for the guaranteed results of our web services – for contractors, this result is the sales lead.

How much is it? The cost-per-lead will vary based on lead type (roofing, painting, plumbing, siding, mold remediation, etc.) and geographical location (some markets are more competitive than others).

You only pay for the leads we generate exclusively for you through your own website – and you don’t pay for leads that you generate (more on this shortly). No more spending money on an online marketing strategy that isn’t working.

  • No setup fees
  • No hidden fees
  • No PPC cost
  • No monthly retainer
  • No cost to make changes to your site (we actually encourage it!).

All leads that come through your website go directly to you; including web forms via text and email, and phone calls that ring directly in your office.

How do we know where the leads are coming from?

Our system determines where leads originate.  This gives us the ability to charge only for leads that we generate online, and not for leads that you generate from your own advertising and market awareness.  This also means that as we work on your site to improve user experience, visitors who originate from your offline advertising or referrals will be more likely to take action to contact you. In effect, this improves the ROI on your other efforts.

When you buy leads from other websites, you are strengthening those sites and building their brands. You become reliant on them. When you build your site, you exclude the competition and build your own brand.

Credit where credit is due.

Example 1:Let’s say someone sees your decaled truck on the road, writes down your web address, and comes directly to your website. Because we can see this direct traffic and track it through to the lead, you wouldn’t pay for it.

Example 2: Let’s say your company is called ABC Roofing and someone goes to a search engine and searches for “ABC Roofers.” Even if they click on a PPC term that we are paying for, you wouldn’t be charge for this lead.

What you DON’T pay for:

Direct traffic that you generate:  If someone knows your company and types your domain name into the address bar in their browser, you don’t pay for this.  For example: If someone types into the address bar and comes directly to your site, this is a lead you generated through promoting your web address, and you will not be charged for this lead.

Brand awareness: If someone goes to a search engine and searches for ABC Contractor (or a close variation, such as ABC Contracting Company or ABC General Contractor), and clicks on a PPC ad, this is brand awareness that you created in your market and you will not be charged for this. We also ask all visitors how they came to your website on the Contact Form to help with verification.

Leads generated by other online marketing efforts: If you are paying for links on other sites such as,, etc., you will not be charged for leads that originate from these sites (you will just need to tell us where you have links to your site and we can filter out this traffic).

What you PAY for:

Leads we generate from organic/natural search results. For example, if someone searches for “roofing contractor boston” and clicks through to your website, this is a generic organic search.

Leads we generate from pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. If someone clicks an ad for a generic, or non-branded, search term, we charge for this.

Leads we generate from any other online advertising or marketing. We do lots of link acquisition and local SEO to increase traffic to your website. We will also elect to purchase ad space on high traffic sites to generate more traffic to your website.

Overall, in our BigNet Program, you should fall within a 5-10% advertising budget. We’ve been doing this since 2005 with hundreds of contractors and their numbers are generally based on two factors:

  1. How good they are at setting leads to appointments.
  2. How good they are at sales.

We look at our contractor website program as a partnership, and go into this looking forward to a long relationship. Fill out our contact form for a free contractor website consultation or CALL US NOW with questions or to get started with our Supercharged Website!

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