What Contractors Say About Our Program:

Listen to what some of our contractors have to say about the impact joining Contractor Nation has had on their business.

Ron and Josh Spataro are the owners of Spataro Construction LLC, a Derby, CT based remodeling and construction company that's been serving New Haven, Norwalk, Greenwich, Stamford, & Nearby since 2004. In this video, they speak about their experience with Contractor Nation. Before becoming a part of our internet marketing program, most of their leads came from referrals. When they heard about our 100% pay-per-performance program, they decided to give it a try. "Our phones are ringing! People know who we are!"

Kurt St. John, owner of Power House Home Services in Seymour, CT shares information about his experience with Contractor Nation and why he has been a proud customer for over six months now. Kurt talks about how he is thoroughly impressed with the range of services Contractor Nation has to offer and the support they provide for him and his company. He also describes how easy and stress-free the onboarding process is and how it has greatly enhanced his generation of quality leads.

Klaus Larsen of Klaus Larsen Roofing Contractor LLC speaks very highly of Contractor Nation and the business it has brought him. He explains how Contractor Nation built him a high performance website that began producing results immediately. He said his experience with Contractor Nation has been nothing short of impressive. Klaus continues to do business with Contractor Nation because he knows how much the new leads have helped his company grow.

Our website has been working much better than we expected it would work we never had this many leads in the past from the web. I find the dealer site very easy to use and has a lot of good information.


The experience with the web site has been incredible to say the least. The ability to change, add, alter, delete our individual web site through the dealer only web site is invaluable and ingenious. I am NOT an IT guy, but the widgets make it so easy to do that even I can do it!

One of the things I have learned recently is how you can use Case Studies, Before and After Photos and other tools on our web sites to create our own referrals.

We posted a couple of stories ad photos on crawl spaces, and BAM....the leads started rolling in. We create and validate our own expertise. What an awesome tool the internet can be.

Comfenergy, LLC

You put my nerves at ease with how much it would cost to work with a lead generating program. I have worked with Contractor Nation for over 2 years and it has been the smartest thing I've done.

Klaus Larsen Roofing Contractor LLC

Not only did we apply new internet marketing strategies, but offline marketing as well. No other company provides that kind of knowledge and guidance!

Our sales have gone up month after month. We are shattering records and don't want to stop!

Krumwiede Roofing & Exteriors

This program can be defined as a partnership - both parties help each other to succeed.

I love how you can listen to leads. We learned a lot about our answering service at the time and the problems that were somewhat blind to us. Our lead-to-appointment ratio has dramatically increased.

PGRS - Professional Grade Roofing Solutions/p>

We've benefited from the ability to grow our leads which goes into sales which goes into higher confidence. Emotionally - you are the parents that are rooting for us. No one is rooting for us but you!

Get ready to edit your dreams because you're not going to be dreaming big enough. The definition of dreaming is totally not reality based - but CN shows a reality. They give you the opportunity to grow bigger than you ever imagined.

We can't say enough about the opportunities given by Contractor Nation. We are 100% satisfied by the program and always refer other contractors to the program.

Weise Choice Tree Services

From our branding, to our overall footprint, everything has improved. Our business has grown 40%, and the website has a lot to do with that.

Freedom Restoration

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